Q Does Phoenix manufacture finished products?
A No, Phoenix Fragrances creates and manufactures concentrate fragrances which are sold to manufacturers of finished products.
Q Do you have a catalogue of all your fragrance creations?
A We do not have such a catalogue, as the amount of fragrances created would be too great to fit in a catalogue.
Q What do I need to do if I would like to ask Phoenix Fragrances for new fragrance development?
A Please contact our fragrance co-ordinator, who will guide you through a series of questions necessary to establish your exact requirements (we like to have as much information as possible so as to achieve the best result). The perfumers will then be advised of all the details and will provide a fragrance of which a sample will be sent to you. We can show you our concentrate fragrance in demonstration in the relevant product.
Q How long does it take to develop a fragrance?
A This depends greatly on each individual requirement. Some enquiries can be answered in one week, and some will take several weeks.
Q What is your lead-time for deliveries?
A We endeavour to get any order processed within 10 working days after the order being placed.
Q What materials do you use in your fragrances?
A That depends on the customer’s requirements. We have a wide range of synthetic, natural and organic materials as well as a number of speciality bases which we use to create our fragrances.
Q Is your manufacturing solely in the U.K.?
A No, we also have manufacturing facilities based in the Far East.
Q Do you adhere to any advisory or legislative bodies?
A We are members of IFRA UK. As such we comply with the standards and manufacturing practice of IFRA. We also comply with relevant EU directives and national legislation in our export markets.