Focus On Fragrance Raw Materials

Raw materials are an essential part of a good fragrance. The better quality the material is, the better the fragrance. This is akin to the catering industry where restaurant chefs look to source the best ingredients in the early hours of the day. Success depends on a good relationship of the purchasing department with its suppliers and also good teamwork with the perfumers who evaluate and approve raw materials.

New raw materials trigger creativity and trends. We use natural, organic, synthetic ingredients in our fragrance so the perfumers’ palette is quite varied. The emphasis is now on natural, organic and sustainable fragrances, therefore we do examine the sourcing process of our suppliers.

Our suppliers have strong ethical relationships with their growers, sharing expertise with them and ensuring continuous supply. Traceability documents provide clients with optimum information regarding a fragrance ingredient. People and the environment are a crucial part of the sourcing of reliable natural/organic fragrance ingredients and sensible and monitored growing is the way forward.