Innovative Ingredients

Fragrance Ingredients:

The availability of modern woody amber notes such as Ambrocenide and Ambermax, has given our creative team the ability to introduce a new dimension into many fragrance styles. These two materials join the stable of ingredients already containing the classic notes of Boisambrene and Timberol. A combination of amber and sandalwood notes offers power, diffusion and elegance. The effect of these materials in woody, chypre and oriental fragrances is worthy of note and transforms these fragrance styles into ultramodern creations.

Argan oil: 'Liquid Gold'

We have seen many cosmetic and hair care product launches claiming the use of Argan oil as an added benefit. Argan oil offers many benefits : Rejuvenating properties : anti-ageing, by retaining skin moisture - Healing properties for the epidermis: reduces inflammation and and gradually heals damaged skin over time with repeated use. - Medicinal : eliminates inflammation and offers some anti-cancer properties, enhances the immune system and blood circulation. Argan Oil is frequently called  'Liquid Gold' due to its numerous benefits.