Imagine a world without fragrance...

...all the naturally occurring odours would resurface - good or bad. Perhaps our noses would be more challenged. So why do we use fragrances?

Society at first uses fragrance out of a basic need for hygiene and covering malodours. As society becomes more sophisticated so do fragrances. The interest for fragrance also comes out of our love of beauty. Unfortunately a flower with a beautiful scent is a very ‘short-term’ thing. People have tried capturing its fragrance with different methods of extraction. Many other scented materials have also triggered an interest (stems, leaves, bark etc...).

The reasons for fragrance are now extensive: comfort, personal care, image, mood enhancing. In these times of economic gloom, fragrance is being re-discovered as having an ability to deliver a feel-good factor.  And, because we still use our noses (despite the fact that our eyes are our main sensorial tool), sometimes we are surprised at the power fragrance can have on our brains. For instance, the power of triggering memories, and emotions. It is almost subliminal. A fragrance can drag a memory from our brain, which has been buried there for decades. And it is actually used for therapeutic purposes in patients suffering from memory loss following an trauma for instance.

Creating emotions in people is the ultimate goal for a fragrance.