Blending Art & Science.

Fragrances are each unique in their inspirations and creations. They all share the ability to enhance, improve and uplift our day-to-day lives.

A truly inspiring fragrance comes from a carefully balanced blend of a complementing palette of ingredients. Fragrance creation is a skilful artform, as fragrance ingredients react uniquely together. Our perfumers’ technique has been perfected over the years by their extensive experience in the industry. Using their knowledge and staying up-to-date with all the latest trends, they will create the right fragrance to suit your individual requirements.

Bringing your brief to life through the careful selection of the finest ingredients is our passion. We love to translate your ideas into fragrances that will evoke feelings and memories with your own customers. Our dedicated perfumers capture your unique product specifications and create fragrances which will enhance your brand image… 

Innovation in the Lab

Our laboratory is equipped with gas liquid chromatography mass spectrometry instrumentation for state-of-the-art analysis. The facilities also include a creative dispensary for development, sampling, applications, and quality control.

We have also designed a fast, powerful database running on an intra-company network which allows efficient management of the information systems.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory

The company is a member of the IFRA UK (International Fragrance Association) and conforms to the IFRA standards for good manufacturing practice and safe use of raw materials.

All raw materials are quality controlled olfactively and analytically on arrival and all production batches are similarly quality assessed prior to dispatch. Phoenix Fragrances is proud to have been the first fragrance house in the UK to gain certification by the Soil Association to supply organic fragrances and now conform to the COSMOS standards. We source and select the finest ingredients worldwide to produce a wide range of fragrances including organic and non-organic essential oils, nature-identicals and aroma chemicals. 

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