Phoenix Fragrances prides itself on a high level service and we take great care in seeing a project through from its inception to the delivery.

    We offer a partnership to determine fragrance development strategies and create exclusive fragrances that will enhance your product portfolio and your company image.

    A dedicated team oversees the fragrance-making process to ensure efficient, organised and coordinated activity.  Each order is packed individually to reach you in perfect condition. We have strong relationships with our transport partners to track your order until it is delivered to your door.


    Here at Phoenix Fragrances we work proactively, seeking diversity and challenging perceptions, to be at the forefront of trends. Our team can spot a changing trend and combine expert knowledge with creativity to offer you a fragrance that is one step ahead of the competition. We create fragrances covering every product application, including:

    Fine Fragrances - Eau de parfum, eau de toilette and alcohol-free fragrances.
    Personal Care - Toiletries, hair care, cosmetics and soaps.
    Home Fragrance - Candles, incense sticks, burner oils and pot pourri.
    Household Products - Detergents, laundry products, fabric softeners, air fresheners, toilet cleaners and bleach.
    Flavours - We also specialise in flavours for toothpaste and lip balm.


    The company is a member of the IFRA UK (International Fragrance Association) and conforms to the IFRA standards for good manufacturing practice and safe use of raw materials.

    All raw materials are quality controlled olfactively and analytically on arrival and all production batches are similarly quality assessed prior to dispatch. Phoenix Fragrances is extremely proud to be the first fragrance house in the UK to be certified by the Soil Association to supply organic fragrances. We source and select the finest ingredients worldwide to produce a wide range of fragrances including organic and non-organic essential oils, nature-identicals and aroma chemicals. 


    The Phoenix Fragrances laboratory is equipped with mass spectrometry instrumentation for state-of-the-art analysis whilst a programme of automation is underway.

    We have designed a fast, powerful database running on an intra-company network which allows efficient management of the information systems. The facilities also include a creative dispensary for development, sampling, applications, and Quality Control, where a strict quality regimen is applied at all stages of technical procedures.