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We are often asked a lot of questions about our processes; what we can deliver and the series of actions or steps involved to design the scents which will best complement your products. As part of our customer service we shall always endeavour to provide you with all the answers you need.

Read through below, and should you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be delighted to help.  For us, dialogue and information are the key aspects of our relationship with our customers.

Q. Does Phoenix Fragrances manufacture finished products?


We only specialise in the creation of fragrance oil concentrates, and therefore do not manufacture finished products.

Q. Do you have a catalogue of all your fragrance creations?


Over the years, we have developed a vast number of fragrance formulations. Unfortunately, it would be impractical to present them in a catalogue format to our customers due to the sheer number of fragrances created.

Q. How do I start a new fragrance development with Phoenix Fragrances?


The first step is to contact one of our fragrance co-ordinators, who will help to define your brief by asking a series of questions about your fragrance project. They will then guide you through the process.

Q. How long will it take to develop my fragrance?


This depends greatly on each individual requirement and can therefore range from a week to several weeks. The briefing stage will help us to determine a more accurate timescale. 

Q. Do you supply perfume samples to individuals?


We do not supply free perfume samples to the public.

Q. What are your minimum order quantities?


Our current minimum order quantity is 25kg bulk fragrance concentrate for a total value of GBP 500.00 excl.VAT.

Q. What is your lead-time for deliveries?


Once a sample has been agreed and an order placed, we endeavour to have it processed within 10 working days.

Q. What materials do you use in your fragrances?


We use a wide range of materials including synthetic, natural and organic, as well as several speciality bases which we use to create our fragrances. We understand each customer has unique requirements and will advise you on the best fragrance notes for the development of your project.

Q. Is your manufacturing solely in the UK?


Alongside our UK-based facilities, we have a manufacturing partnership in China.

Q. Which advisory and legislative bodies do you adhere to?


As members of IFRA UK we comply with all their standards and good manufacturing practices. We comply with the relevant EU directives and national legislation of our export markets. We can create fragrances that are COSMOS and ECOCERT certified.

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