Our Mission

To deliver fragrances that transport our customers to new places, uncover emotions and create ever-lasting memories is the mission we defined for ourselves on day one. With decades of experience in the fragrance industry, we are confident in our ability to achieve sensational results for our customers and aim to stand out as a leading manufacturer of perfume concentrates.

Our Vision

We want to guide our customers through their journey and to do so, we take great care in understanding their creative view. By working alongside our clients, we combine a personalised service based on knowledge, creativity and technical expertise to produce quality fragrances that not only meet regulatory guidelines but also our customer’s expectations. We believe that maintaining a close dialogue is vital for building long-lasting relationships.

Our Values

Phoenix Fragrances is dedicated to providing perfume concentrates that meet the quality expectations of our customers. We value excellence and use our knowledge to select only the finest raw material suppliers from across the globe. Continuous investments in state-of-the-art technology for both analytical testing and production ensures we maintain high standards. As the first fragrance house in the UK to be certified by the Soil Association to supply organic fragrances, we are confident in our pioneering approach. Phoenix Fragrances is a member of the IFRA UK (International Fragrance Association) and conforms to their standards for good manufacturing practice and safe use of raw materials.

Standards Downloads

Brokers Liability Certificate EL PL
Aviva Liability Insurance
Environmental Policy
Heath and Safety Policy

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